12 June 2012

Messengers 2012 at Rainmaker Art Gallery, Bristol, UK

Messengers 2012 a group art show curated by Joanne Prince, an advocate for Native art and owner of Rainmaker Gallery in Bristol, England. The show features 18 contemporary Native American Indian artists from tribes across the continent.

As Prince says, "2012 is a pivotal year for the indigenous peoples of the Americas. As the current cycle of the Mayan calendar draws to a close, and in preparation for a new beginning when indigenous values will perhaps be more widely recognised and adopted, it is time to welcome the diverse and authentic messages and manifestations of contemporary Aboriginal American artists."

"My people will sleep for 100 years, and when they awake, it will be the artists who give them back their spirit." –Louis Riel, M├ętis revolutionary (Boyle and Racette 21).

Marcus Amerman (Choctaw), Sarah Sense (Chitimacha-Choctaw), Edgar Heap of Birds (Cheyenne), and myself will fly in especially to attend the opening and give talks, demonstrations, film screenings and discussions on Thursday June 14th.

Please contact the gallery for details:
call 0117 944 3101 or email

Participating artists include:
  • Cupcake (Pawnee), America Meredith, 2012
    Tony Abeyta (Navajo)
  • Marcus Amerman (Choctaw)
  • Shonto Begay (Navajo)
  • David Bradley (White Earth Ojibwe)
  • Kelly Church (Grand Traverse Odawa-Ojibwe)
  • Melissa Cody (Navajo)
  • Edgar Heap of Birds (Cheynne)
  • Frank Buffalo Hyde (Onondaga)
  • Linda Lomahaftewa (Hopi-Choctaw)
  • America Meredith (Cherokee Nation
  • Chris Pappan (Kaw-Osage-Lakota
  • Debra Yepa-Pappan (Jemez Pueblo
  • Cara Romero (Chemehuevi)
  • Diego Romero (Cochiti Pueblo)
  • Mateo Romero (Cochiti Pueblo)
  • Sarah Sense (Chitimacha-Choctaw)
  • Ryan Singer (Navajo)
  • Werewulf Micah Wesley (Kiowa-Muscogee Creek)
For more information, visit Rainmaker Art Gallery, online or at: 123 Coldharbour Road, Redland Bristol, BS6 7SN. Map.
  • Boyle, John and Sherry Farrell Racette. Rielisms. Winnipeg, MB: Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2001.

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