23 January 2011

Questionartist #1

Who is an artist that people might not know yet about but should?

Native artists people should know are: Nakia Williamson-Cloud (Nez Perce) and John Wilson (Nez Perce). Both artists are known in north-central Idaho state. They are recognized a little bit in the interior Northwest, but little National acknowledgement. Neither artist participates in the larger Native Art Shows in the USA or Canada.
—Roger Amerman (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma), Idaho, bead artist

It isn't easy being humble........
—James Luna [Pooyukitchum (Luiseno)], La Jolla Reservation, CA
Performance and Multimedia Installation artist

There’s this one guy, Darren J. Oliver. I know him from Flagstaff and his work is great. He really knows how to draw.
—Brandon Williams (DinĂ©), New Mexico, artist and NAGPRA enthusiast


Chris P said...

I know of Darren's work too, he is good. Also Navajo, Thai,...artist Craig George.

ahalenia said...

Some of Darren's work is online at his myspace account: .

S MacM said...

People in the Native art world might not know about Navajo art Chubby (Anthony Telles) but he's been an importance fixture in the Bay Area punk and street art scene. Here's his myspace:

Anonymous said...

Yatika Fields. Look him up.

ahalenia said...

Yatika Field is an Osage/Muscogee/Cherokee painter in Brooklyn, NY and is represented by Chiaroscuro Gallery in Santa Fe. Here's his gallery page.

Unknown said...

Patrick Scott (Dine)
Brilliant bead and feather work artist. Specializing in Native American Church art.

Traci said...
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