16 June 2014

Ohio Earthworks

Map of precontact sites in Ohio by Heironymous Rowe
Thanks to American Indian Studies Program at the Ohio State University, Linda Lomahaftewa and I are embarking on another precolumbian journey—this time to explore Ohio's Ancient Earthworks!

Ohio is the birthplace of three major civilizations:
  • Adena culture (ca. 1000 - 200 BCE)
  • Hopewell Exchange (ca. 200 BCE - 500 CE)
  • Fort Ancient culture (1000-1750 CE )
Marti Chaatsmith, the Associate Director of the Newark Earthworks Center, and Christine Ballengee Morris, Professor of Arts Administration and Policy at OSU, created an amazing itinerary that includes:
  • The Great Serpent Mound
    Hopewellian copper bird, the Mound City, Ohio
  • Fort Ancient Earthworks
  • Mound City [Hopewell Culture National Historic Park],
  • Newark Earthworks: the Octagon and Great Circle Earthworks
  • Panther Mound
  •  Jeffers Mound
  • Wright-Holder Earthworks
  • Ohio Historical Society
  • Flint Ridge State Park
  • and, for fun, the Longaberger Basket Building.
We'll post our discoveries and adventures here. For more information about Ohio's precontact earthworks, check out:

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